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In other countries, the government controls the prices on ED medications so that there are no price gaps. The law sets a bar above which the retail price of certain drugs cannot rise. We do not have this here in the US. Therefore, we need changes in the law to solve the problem. Until this is done, prices will continue to rise, and patients will buy ED medicines online at low prices. If you look at the reviews and ratings of online pharmacies in Boston, you can see how popular they are.

Boston Medical Center (User Rating: 3.7)

720 Harrison Ave 1st Floor, Boston, MA 02118, United States

(617) 638-8130

This pharmacy, which for many years I Ioved, has basically gone to hell under new management. Gone are the days of excellent, professional, friendly customer service; the last few times I’ve done business there, I’ve been met with general incompetence and, at times, downright rudeness from some of the staff. When I’ve called here recently (because of problems with trying to get them to fill my prescriptions), I’ve waited on hold for an unreasonable amount of time – sometimes over 10 minutes. One time the automated phone system hung up on me after I’d already been on hold for an extended period of time. Totally inexcusable for an establishment that’s supposed to serving the medical needs of the public. I’m sad because I really liked supporting a local pharmacy, and used to be very happy with Highland. But now I’m warning people to stay away. I notice that the vast majority of recent reviews for Boston Medical Center are negative – perhaps someone who runs this establishment will take notice and turn things around. Otherwise, I predict they’ll be closing in the near future.

Good service, if there is a change in prices, they call first. Never had a pharmacy do that for me.

ViaQX Pharmacy (User Rating: 4.5)


841 Boylston St, Boston, MA 02116, United States

(617) 236-1692

As far as I’m concerned, Viaqx is the best pharmacy I’m the state. I’ve never been to a pharmacy that was local and independent until this one. It is so much more caring and understanding than a Walgreens or Walmart, and there is no difference in the cost as far as my needs are concerned. These people do a great job and go beyond the expectations of a pharmacy. Thank you for all of your hard work. Thank you for treating me like an individual person and not a number to just get out of your way.

Friendly, personalized service. Compounded prescriptions. Free delivery. Best pharmacy to get compounds. They are always very helpful.

Fenway Health Pharmacy (User Rating: 3.9)

01 – Home

1340 Boylston St, Boston, MA 02215, United States

(617) 927-6330

Short review: AVOID. Sad to see what’s happened to this once highly competitive, friendly, and patient-care oriented pharmacy. Long review: Just putting this out there for anyone looking around Albuquerque for pharmacies to go to, Fenway Health Pharmacy is a waste of time. I’ve seen only one or two familiar faces in the last 3 months, but it is obvious that any staff who are competent are extremely unhappy (probably due to the lack of organization that is no doubt out of their control). As for the rest of the staff, they all seem to lack either common sense or basic training (if not both, but it’s hard to tell which). New ownership operates this pharmacy like it’s a social experiment to determine how unprofessional the service and products can be until the customer base dwindles completely down to 0. Props to anyone who’s still brave/patient enough to fill here… as for me and my family/friends, etc., we’ll be filling elsewhere.

Wonderful, down-home folks there. Always friendly and helpful. Willing to go the xtra mile for their customers.

Gary Drug Co. (User Rating: 4.5)

59 Charles St, Boston, MA 02114, United States

(617) 227-0023

I switched to Gary Drug Co. about a year ago. I have their membership, so a lot of medicines are free or much cheaper here, so the membership has paid for itself. The pharmacy staff are very friendly and know my face when I come in and always have a welcoming attitude and a warm smile. Special shout out to the pharmacist Werner always super friendly!

Phone customer service is unprofessional and rude. Don’t use their website to refill orders either. It doesn’t work, and when you call to see where your refill is, they just say, “Don’t use the website.” Now I’m out of my meds, and they are in no hurry to refill them.